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Are you feeling stuck, unmotivated, or overwhelmed?


It’s Time to Strive.

Strive Success Solutions can help motivate, activate, and energize you or your organization to strive for your goals and unlock your true potential.

Business Support

Team Building, Conference Motivational Speaking, Leadership Mentoring

Individual Growth

Life and Wellness Coaching, Personal Mentor, Helping you to achieve your goals

Discover who you truly are

Define your goals and how to get there

Learn strategies to keep you moving forward

Master your mindset for success

Let Strive Help You

Live a Life of Greater Intentionality and Purpose

We know how hard you work…at your job, your relationships, your life. Sometimes it’s nice to know you’ve got someone in your corner, that little voice in your ear, that source of motivation when you need it most. At Strive Success Solutions, we aim to fill that need.

Through whatever means best help you meet your goals, we’ll construct and execute a plan that results in greater success, continuous improvement, personal growth, and a healthier, well-rounded life.

Let’s Explore

Pete’s keynotes, workshops, and coaching sessions cover these key topics and more. Let us work together to construct a presentation or coaching session that perfectly fits your vision and goals.

Always strive to be a better you

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Staying true to your mission

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You can think your way to success

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Recruiting time as an ally

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Leading a powerful organization

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Leadership succession

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Building collaborative teams

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About Pete Hall

Pete Hall brings one thing with him to every engagement: positive energy.

Relentless in his pursuit of growth, Pete is quick to point out the silver lining in every cloud, the opportunity behind every obstacle, and the belief that good will win out. He is a stout believe in the philosophy that led him (and his wife, Mindy) to launch Strive Success Solutions and his educational-consulting firm, EducationHall: Always strive to be a better you.

As an award-winning school principal, Pete held fast to the notion that continuous improvement is the primary path – the only path – that leads us to our goals. As an executive coach, personal mentor, and keynote speaker, that mindset continues to guide his work as he influences others.

Pete has authored seven books on leadership, primarily in the education sector. Taking those valuable lessons beyond the schoolhouse has proven to be a natural next step. “Leadership, at its core, is fundamentally consistent across fields: leading a Fortune 500 company, a Little League team, a public middle school, a rescue operation, or a small woodworking company requires very similar skills, attitudes, and acuities,” he notes.

His infectious enthusiasm, tireless wit, and adherence to his core has inspired and informed audiences throughout the United States and across the globe.


“Pete Hall is an excellent, engaging speaker. The information was relevant and valuable.”

Ashley M.

Human Resources Exec

“​Pete has an uncanny ability to uncover your truths and encourage you to improve upon them all.”

Thom M.

Stand-up Comedian

Bring Pete to work with you. Connect with Strive Success Solutions today!